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Jan 21, 2022Liked by Ryan Peter

Interesting Ryan! Nice to get an appropriate mention :)... I say appropriate because transhuman is exactly what I'm thinking when I speak about from a garden, to a desert, to a city.

"Remember when the resurrection was apparently unscientific? Well, no longer. Because if you can build an entire being through a single strand of DNA, the resurrection doesn’t seem so far-fetched after all." Makes me think of The Fifth Element :) - amazing how the sci-fi genre has mirrored reality. But still falls short, "What no eye has seen, nore heart imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him."

"Reformation - A reformation way of looking at things. - A reformation not a transformation…" Yes!! Progress, not just development.

“For Luther, the Church had represented a ‘theology of glory’ through its integration with philosophy and Pelagian theology and the like, so that God Himself was no longer seen as a life-giving Spirit but an ‘assistance’ to becoming virtuous, righteous beings. (We often make the same theological mistake today.)” Really good point! I find today there are many trying to defend their calvinism from the bible.

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